What is Baptism?

The term “Christian” developed in the 1st Century as a name for those who followed Jesus as the Christ (Acts11: 26). These followers of Jesus were called “disciples” not only because they received Him as their Savior, but also because they sought to conform their life to His teaching. A true disciple of Christ is one who receives Him as Savior by faith and obeys Him as Lord (Luke 6:46-49; Romans 10:9). For every new believer the first order of obedience is baptism. Throughout Scripture baptism is closely associated with the new birth experience of salvation (see Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:16; and Acts 16:31-33). Baptism is significant in at least two ways: (a) it is the biblical mode of expressing your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior (Act 2.41; 8:12; 10:44ff; 16:31-32; Rom. 10:9); and (b) it is the outward symbol of your new identification and membership into the body of Christ (Rom. 6:1-11; Eph. 4:1-6; Col. 3:5-11). Your immersion into the water of baptism is a symbolic representation of your old life being put to death and buried with Christ. Being raised out of the water publicly associates you with the new identity that you now have in Christ as a member of His Body, the Church.

Thus, in submitting yourself to the ordinance of baptism you are: (a) professing that you have believed upon Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, as the only acceptable sacrifice for your sin; and (b) you are publicly identifying yourself as a member of His church by joining with this local body of believers. As a follower of Christ you understand that fellowship and worship with the Body of Christ is essential for every believer. Your public identity with Christ’s Body gives you a new ethic by which you will endeavor to live (see Eph. 4:17-32; Col. 3:5-7). As a member of this local body you will make yourself accountable to the Body and to those who have been charged to keep watch over your soul (Heb. 13:17).

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